Branding means many things to many people. We believe that a brand is the impression left in your mind of the ongoing experience you have with a company, product or personality. All of the touchpoints that engage you, from the overall appearance, graphic identity, colors and forms employed, to the verbal, visual and oral language used, to the internet presence and use of technology, create the brand in the mind's eye. And it is crucial that the brand be positive, respected and worthy of trust and confidence. Creating and managing all of these impressions is how we define the process of branding.

Design Latitudes creates brands. Not only do we create brands for our clients, we create brands for ourselves that are designed to make an emotional and intellectual connection, in order to capture the imagination of the audience. Our brands are rich with meaning, appeal to intelligence and dignity, and create economic success. And today, in the age of the individual, you have to be your own brand. We can help you do that.

We have both the unique vision and the specialized expertise to make all of these brand applications come to life and be vibrant, engaging and sensational. We design, develop and produce:

Brand Identities
Symbols & Trademarks
Visual Themes & Insignias
Names, Slogans, & Tag Lines
Licensing Guides

Product Lines
Fine Art/Prints
Printed Goods
Fonts & Clipart

Online Retailing
Web Design
Online Stores
Social Media
Content Management

Promotional Awareness
Online/Offline Promos
Hangtags & Labeling

Brand Research & Positioning
Online Surveys
Brand Equity Analysis
Communications Audits
Strategic Planning