Ayrton Senna Collection
Senna Brand Product Brochure
  Promotion Design & Photography The Instituto Ayrton Senna of Säo Paulo, Brasil desired to reach an international clientele of upscale retailers to promote the new Senna Collection product line.

Senna Brochure Cover Senna Brochure BeautySenna Brochure Beauty Senna Brochure PerfectionSenna Brochure Perfection
Design Latitudes was commissioned to design, photograph, and produce a branded promotional product brochure incorporating the existing identity and a simple yet elegant design coupled with precision and technical superiority.

We created a bold yet sleek brand personality to appeal to the consumer profile by photographing over a dozen models of Portuguese, African, and European decent.

The promotional campaign reflects the values and philosophy of the late Ayrton Senna, the Formula One racing legend and Brasilian national hero whose motto was "Driven to Perfection".

Menino, Natal, Brasil

Instituto Ayrton Senna is a non-profit organization in Brasil which disburses all earnings from the use of the name and image of the super champion to charity projects throughout Brasil.

Today, more than 40,000 children and youngsters in need are being helped with the royalties earned by the licensing activities of the foundation.

Ayrton Senna (1960–1994)