Iannetti Lanzone Gallery
Identity & Exhibition Promotions
  Identity Design Iannetti-Lanzone Gallery was a stunning new addition at the northern end of San Francisco's growing gallery row in the Union Square area stretching between Market Street and the Chinatown gate.

Iannetti Lanzone Gallery: Identity & Exhibition Promotions
Iannetti Lanzone Gallery: Identity & Exhibition Promotions
The gallery, a partnership between the well-established art dealer, Pasquale Iannetti, and the equally regarded restaurateur and arts aficionado, Modesto Lanzone, showed contemporary American painting and sculpture, fine original prints, and unique works, with an emphasis on West Coast artists.

Design Latitudes was retained to create the gallery's new identity, their street signage and banners, and their exhibition advertising and publications.

Iannetti Lanzone Gallery: Identity & Exhibition Promotions

The central theme of our solution was to convey a sense of contemporary painting through the appropriation and transformation of a Lichtenstein-like brushstroke into the gallery logo—which we embedded in crisp modern and colorful applications.

Ed Moses is widely considered to be one of the central figures in the rich and complex history of postwar West Coast art. The congestion and fluidity of his abstract expressionist work has been greatly influenced by the brilliant light of Southern California.

We designed a spare lean advertising campaign and catalogue for Moses' first showing at Iannetti-Lanzone.