Nasett International
Modules Mens Furnishing Packaging Program
  Brand Identity & Packaging Design Faced with the possibility of an oversaturated U.S. market, Nasett International Corp., makers of the Modules line of men's dress furnishings, was looking beyond America's borders for global growth of the brand.

Nasett International: Branded Packaging Program

Nasett International: Branded Packaging Program

But breaking into the overseas market has not been easy for the Tokyo and New York based Japanese accessories company, noted Toshiya Takahashi, president of Nasett, which makes neckwear, hosiery, and, most recently, dress shirts.

"To be Japanese and successful in the menswear market you need more than a good product and determination. You need a strategy, and, just as importantly, you need to understand your competitor's strategy," said Takahashi.

Nasett commissioned Design Latitudes to develop a brand strategy and packaging concept for its line of men's hosiery based on our experience in Japan with the Sanko New Media and Postmodern Kyoto programs.

Our solution created a blend of the East and the West with European-style typography juxtaposed over a Japanese theme of random unwoven textile—all contained within a distinctive semi-circular shape that suggests the Japanese
"rising sun."

The European orders this time around increased. "We got a lot of attention. The international purchases have done very well," Takahashi says with a smile. "We got calls right away for repeat orders."