Savoy Truffle
Identity Program and Bakery Menu
  Identity Design Kitty Buck, along with her husband Otto, founded and operated Cake Masters Bakery, an institution on the Upper West Side of Manhattan that made cakes for more than half a century for esteemed clientele such as Lauren Bacall, President Kennedy, and Elizabeth Taylor.

Savoy Truffle: Menus
Savoy Truffle: Identity
  Cake Masters, which was known by its slogan, "where baking is an art", retained Design Latitudes to develop a fresh new brand, "Savoy Truffle", for a new market of younger, more affluent urban professionals moving into the district.

We designed a contemporary yet classic brand identity along with crisp, savory applications including menus, stationery, and store signage as a reflection of a time before supermarkets when people walked to bakeries for their daily loaves.

Always ahead of her time, Kitty's brand though was never fully realized, and the stores began to close as rents went up inexorably and consumers increasingly bypassed butchers and bakers to buy all their groceries at the new spate of hip-urban supermarkets.