Schindler House
Brand Identity & Product Line
  Identity Design Viennese architect, Rudolf M. Schindler (1887–1953) emigrated to Chicago to work for Frank Lloyd Wright in 1918, and established his practice in Los Angeles in 1922 with the design and construction of his house in West Hollywood.

Schindler House: Brand Identity
The Kings Road house was designed as a studio and home for Schindler, his wife, and their friends Clyde and Marian DaCamara Chace. The floor plan worked itself around several L-shapes. Construction features included tilt up concrete panels cast on site, which contrasted with the more 'open' walls of redwood and glass. It has largely become the symbol of Schindler's architecture.

Design Latitudes is currently partnering with Friends of the Schindler House (FOSH) in developing a new brand identity, web site and branded product line to be sold at retail both online and onsite. Our solution is based on incorporating Schindler's original mark of authorship from the 20s and updating it and its applications for a 21st century market.

Schindler House: Product Line

We are currently developing the site and a range of products from apparel to glassware to printed matter that reflects Schindler's inventive use of the complex three-dimensional forms, warm materials, and striking colors, that are hallmarks of the early Twentieth Century maverick.

Schindler House, King's Road

In association with Friends of the Schindler House (FOSH):
Robert Sweeny
Harriett Gold
Judith Sheine
John Caldwell