e-Promo App Features

The one true way to measure the success of an email campaign is by the results it achieves. A great email campaign will make connections, spike web traffic and achieve the ultimate in success by increasing sales.

With the flurry of distractions online throughout the day, highly personalized, highly emotional and highly impactful email promotions can lead to your success. With the needs of smaller businesses such as the retailer, gallery, artist, museum, architect or other creative professionals in mind, Design Latitudes offers our proprietary e-promo manager, the highest quality, lowest priced solution for email promotions on the market.

Our features are unsurpassed and we position you and your identity first so that you can engage your market and recipients in your own natural voice for the greatest impact. We offer:

fully branded e-promo designs featuring your brand identity (not ours)
custom designed e-promo formats that are unique and not based on generic templates
the ability to send newsletters, mini-posters, postcards, personal letters, advertisements...
full text support for typographic messaging
personalized email addressing supporting first and last names based on your list structure
support for multiple topical headers and footers
easy to use intuitive editing screens
preview before you send
opt-out and unsubscribe support
privacy policy management
reliable delivery from our mail servers
campaign management and archiving
e-mail open rate tracking and other statistics compatible with Google and Urchin tracking
help and consultation when you need it

For further information, pricing or to place an order, simply Contact us.

Our service package can only be used by the client/purchaser for their own single business.
Multiple business pricing is available. Client emails must be germane to their business.
Spam will not be allowed in any form.