Identity Design Approach

Standing out from the crowd in the world-wide marketplace requires both a high level of creativity and marketing know-how. Our approach is about the art and science of communicating and selling. We create vibrant and engaging visual identities for companies, brands and individuals, supported by a sound research and development methodology. You already have an identity. Our task is to uncover it, analyze it, visualize it, shape it and make it come to life in a symbol, logo or insignia that embodies all aspects of your personality, character and identity.

We focus on expressing the unique character of our clients in a clear and direct manner by discovering and developing meaning from within expressed with a timeless sense of quality and beauty. The importance of language informs everything we do and we begin with the spoken and written word in creating effective verbal/visual identities and symbols that make sense. And we execute the results with excellent craftsmanship and technical expertise.

Not all of our identity programs start with a blank page and we are often asked to refine, enhance and evolve an existing visual identity. We make it work harder, better and create fresh, new adaptations and extensions of the original.

We also can manage your identity program, story line and character arc throughout all media and applications with comprehensive identity management strategies for print, web and the environment.

In addition to building a higher level of company and brand awareness, visibility and intelligibility, we help you captivate your market with both an emotional and intellectual connection.

"When I formed Corporate Performance Inc., I asked David Curry to design all of our graphic communications. The resulting corporate identifier and materials have been highly successful, winning responses among my clients and competitors ranging from 'impressive' to 'superb'."
—Perry-Lynn Moffitt, president, New York

"Here's a man who really knows how to listen."
—Philippe De Montebello, The Metropolitan Museum, New York

"Marjorie Carmelia combines the best qualities of marketing and branding with an eye on the bottom line. She is focused on her clients' goals and has an innate sense of detail. The partnership of brilliant design and marketing make Design Latitudes an unbeatable team for any client. Marjorie is a businesswoman with solid ethics and wonderful to work with."
—Ross Ellis, Love Our Children USA, New York

"Design Latitudes is loaded with creativity and experience, and backed with its lightning-speed support team."
—Martha Fleischman, Art Dealers Association of America, New York

"What we wanted was a creative vision that would guide our transformation from a public relations firm into a full-service communications company. And Design Latitudes took us beyond our expectations."
—Richard Chamberlain, Chamberlain Communications, New York

So if you are looking for a fresh new approach or repositioning your corporate or brand identity, consider Design Latitudes. We provide good clean design that really communicates.

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