Product Design Approach

We believe product design is more than the mere process of creating a tangible product to be sold by a business to its customers. Our approach is to emphasize lifestyle, which typically reflects attitudes, values and world views—fostering a keen sense of self. Our objective is to create symbols and artifacts with cultural value that resonate with personal identity. To many image is everything but to us, the experience of that image is greater. Closely tied to the brand, we strive to create, develop and produce innovative, fun, and functional gifts, personal accessories, and home items intended to enhance everyday living.

All lifestyle brands are made within a specific context and ours are created primarily within the context of culture. From the fine arts, architecture and design, to entertainment, fashion/beauty, travel/leisure, and publishing, we reflect, interpret and often twist and shake the modern style with products that celebrate life's special occasions and give us meaning. Our products are designed to benefit people of all cultures, ages and abilities through living in a colorful way.

Our product collaborations with clients exemplify a well conceived selection of products highlighting the latest in materials, production, and design qualities. We are concerned with bringing artistic form and usability, usually associated with crafts, together for distinctive mass produced goods as we strive for museum quality and uniqueness.

We are committed to fulfilling the desires and aspirations of the product line's end consumers. Being mindful during the design process of how consumers will perceive the product enhances the product's potential for success in the market. Therefore, in addition to our concept and design capabilities, we provide a comprehensive range of support services such as research, brand audits, in-store audits, packaging, promotion, advertising and online selling.

Having worked with some of the most engaging client brands of our times from Club Med, America's Cup, Gamblin and Formula One to Knoedler and Company, Gagosian Gallery and Walt Disney Company, we have learned and grown with the best, which informs our work with our own internal product brands including the Arts & Architecture Collection.

"FANTASTIC! We have lift-off! Thanks David. You and Marjorie are super to work with, besides being two of the nicest people... The editor is lucky to have your talent and passion for Arts & Architecture... Get some rest... please."
—Cim Castellon, Vice-President, LACMA Retail, Los Angeles CA

"I'm so glad I found the Arts & Architecture Collection. My husband loves all things A&AC. I'll be back in April for his birthday."
—Jill K., returning customer

"Looking at that package, I can even smell the coffee!"
—Thermos Coffee Butler for Bloomingdales, focus group participant, New York

"Of the 10 artsy things to pick up from LACMA's California Design Exhibit the Arts & Architecture holiday card set is perfect for the upcoming holidays."
—PopSugar City, online style and living, San Francisco CA

"The line is fun, interesting and functional, you've done a great job."
—Sandra Malec, CB2 Crate & Barrel, Northbrook IL

"I'm very excited to see the first samples! The images employ such beautiful graphic design, and have so rich a history, I don't feel they would need to be seasonally specific."
—Noah Schwarz, Design Within Reach, Stamford CT

So if you are looking for a fresh new approach or repositioning your product line, consider Design Latitudes. We provide good clean design that really communicates.

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