Website Design Approach

As markets continually redefine their boundaries with the advancement of electronic content and distribution on the Internet, marketers are challenged to find new ways to reach their audiences. While many websites today have become more mechanized and generic looking, we believe in achieving financial success through creative results.

In this era of technological complexity, Design Latitudes provides richly branded, content-driven web sites supported by a solid technological foundation that let you stand out from the crowd. We emphasize clear, meaningful communication expressed in a bold, colorful and exciting manner. We are also great content developers, writers and storytellers providing the site visitor with a captivating experience of your products and services.

We also offer a unique combination of design expertise and technological savvy. With our vast experience in working with the best and brightest clients over the last 20 years, we specialize in creating custom sites that are as artful and innovative as the clients we represent. From the Art Dealers Association, Gamblin Artists Colors and South Street Seaport Museum to New York Women in Communications, Islip Art Museum and Urrutia Architects, we focus on expressing the unique character of our clients.

Design Latitudes provides all aspects of a web design program from creative concept through reliable implementation—including in-depth planning, research and analysis, design concept, development, production, programming, hosting and ongoing maintenance of the finished site. For those that are capable, we provide self-maintaining solutions as well. In addition we excel at search engine optimization and site promotion through both traditional print and social media channels. Our comprehensive background also enables us to integrate your site into all other channels of your brand communications. We provide creative results that are delivered on time and within budget:

"It's excellent! Simple, clean design fast images—very well done!"
—Daniel Will-Harris, author/computer industry maven, Point Reyes CA

"Very interesting work on the Web!... may be the model to which many future sites aspire."
—Gary Pageau, editor, Photo Marketing Magazine, Jackson MI

"I just took a look at the Anne Gibbons site. I love the site. Everything is excellent. Logo, navigation side bar, cartoons with mouse-overs. Superb. I love the way you got the "what is on offer" over in the "home" screen, and how easy it is to understand this site. A truly excellent site. I can't wait to see what you come up with for my site."
—Mark Hughes, Compware Software, UK

"We want our site to project a well designed, professional appearance that conveys the essence of our services so we called you to bring our site design up to the level that matches our clienteles' and you've succeeded."
—Tom DeMartine, Seven Seas Charters, Nokomis FL

"When we saw the quality of your design and the intuitive direction of your navigational structure on the Art Dealers Association of America's site, we knew you were the firm we wanted to design our new site. And now that we've launched, our members are thrilled at the positive feedback to the new design and the ease of its use. Design Latitudes has given us exactly what we asked for and more.
—Susan Dixon, Antiquarian Bookseller's Association of America, New York

So if you are looking for a fresh new approach or repositioning or replenishing your existing visual content online, consider Design Latitudes. We provide good clean web design that really communicates.

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