Art in America
New York Galleries & Museums Calendar
  Publication Design Art in America, published since 1913, is the preeminent monthly art magazine covering the contemporary global art world, while focusing on New York City, and is widely read by art dealers, collectors, historians, art professionals, and others.

Art in America: New York Calendar

Art in America: New York Calendar

The publisher, Brant Publications, founded in 1984, decided to launch their brand new publication—Art in America/New York, as an informative guide to current gallery and museum showings throughout the city.

Design Latitudes designed and produced the pocket-sized publication to be timely, handy, and mobile while its artful and distinctive visual identity, promotional stationery, and subscription promotion inserts conveyed a totally integrated brand presentation.

The cover art, which appears at first glance to be Les Demoiselles d'Avignon by Picasso, is actually a painting called She Works Hard for the Money, after the title of the Donna Summer song from the early eighties, created by the appropriationist, Mike Bidlo. Additional cover concepts included dynamic and sensuous paintings by the German artist, Elvira Bach.

The modular format for the publication was to become a prototype for expansion of the concept to other cities.

Awards and Honors:
Award of Excellence
American Corporate Identity 5