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  Database Development Whether the artist is young and emerging or mid-career and established, Cheryl Pelavin Fine Arts' strives to always bring exciting work to the public and share it with their viewers and collectors.

Cheryl Pelavin Fine Art: Searchable Database

Cheryl Pelavin Fine Art: Searchable Database

In keeping with the gallery's reputation for innovation and forward-thinking, we developed a next-generation semantic search engine as well as a series of display features that presented the artwork in fresh new ways, while overcoming some of the limitations of selling art on the Internet.

For the searchable database, we created a contextual input form where, in addition to the usual caption data, a visitor can select from a series of novel criteria such as scale, gender, style, theme, attitude, and color scheme—and essentially "curate" their own unique results.

From the thumbnail page, the visitor could then:

· view the artwork against an interactive selection of wallcolors based on over 1,200 hues, values, and chromas from the Benjamin Moore Color System.

· view the artwork in scale, juxtaposed against a couple of wooden art mannequins.

· enlarge the artwork to examine the artistic detail of the piece.

Each interactive feature fulfills the needs of the gallery's clientele from interior designers and decorators to art collectors, scholars, students, and the media.