Kent Fine Art
TODT Exhibition Promotion
  Advertising TODT is the oldest art collective in the United States and the three and sometimes four anonymous artists who comprise TODT have worked collaboratively since 1978.

Kent Fine Art: Todt Advertising & Direct Mail
Their early New York exhibitions were composed of some of the most intense, uncompromising, and authentically commercially disinterested art one could experience in 1980s Manhattan.

From the start, TODT's polished combination of hardware, electronics, and body imagery confronted the viewer with the ubiquitous economy of "product and its technique."

For the Art in America advertisement of their self-titled exhibition at Kent, we took the least intrusive approach possible and letterspaced the four characters of their name in block letters at the top of the page and let the commanding yet confounding artwork speak for itself.

When a member of TODT came to our 53rd Street studio to view the ad, he was mesmerized by the flotsam, jetsam and detritus of the design process to be found in our trash can—and made off with the remains to create untold artwork.