Website Technologies

In designing for the Internet, we believe in the appropriate use of technology to support a content-rich web presence. Our goal is to achieve the maximum in capabilities and performance with the minimum amount of technology. Starting from a thorough analysis of your user-profile expectations, we develop a level of robust technology for your site that meets all your budgetary and maintenance needs.

There are numerous "cutting-edge" technologies for the web which are constantly being introduced (and often discarded), but if no one supports them or wants to use them your site will be admired by few but ignored by many. We place a great deal of emphasis on cross-browser compatibility, and in working in tandem with our clients, we create sites that are stable, reliable, and self-maintainable.

We have developed our own custom apps that are easy to use, reasonably priced and are fully integrated into your site. Our apps are designed to fit your needs and not to force you to compromise with a boxed solution. We offer:

Content Management
Our content management systems feature text and image input, styling and management, that require no knowledge of coding or programming and enables you complete control over your content.

Database Solutions
Our dynamic contextual search features enable the user to receive specific targeted results while the search criteria are constantly updated dynamically.

Information Architecture
Our capabilities in creating and managing information architecture for content, database structure, input and values, proprietary mail and email lists, processing search results into usable data and other research and presentation functions are extensive and can be a great time-saving benefit to you.

Photography and Image Processing
Our extensive experience with all aspects of photography and digital imaging allows us to achieve the optimum in image quality and excellence down to the micro-level of pixel editing.

e-Commerce Solutions
Our inexpensive e-commerce solutions include an integral single page cart for one-stop shopping as well as a multiple page cart for product lines of greater depth that are easily updateable and maintainable.

Our email promotion creator and manager enables you to inexpensively bulk send virtually unlimited visual emails, postcards, photographs and letters that are fully integrated with your brand and site.

Our extensive background in all aspects of print publishing for art books and catalogs coupled with our online programming capabilities allows us to achieve excellent results in e-pub design, production and promotion.

To discuss your needs further as well as any of our technological apps and features please contact us.