Knoedler & Company
Glenn Goldberg Exhibition Promotion
  Promotion Design Glenn Goldberg is a painter who embraces the task of transforming imagery from the familiar to the uncertain with enthusiasm and purpose.

Knoedler & Company: Glenn Goldberg Campaign

Knoedler & Company: Glenn Goldberg Campaign

Our campaigns for a progression of his exhibitions at Knoedler were formed in close collaboration with Glenn as we developed unique means of illuminating his intentions with both clarity and intrigue.

For his New Paintings '92 exhibition, we created and produced an actual size announcement card that corresponded to the size of the artwork "4E/1-" a 12 x 12 inch acrylic and enamel painting on wood.

In the Whirly paintings first exhibited at Knoedler in March of '94, Goldberg presented a group of small panels, each one numbered and similar in size and proportion to the folded brochure.

To experience Goldberg's work we must submit to be guided by our sensations.