Knoedler & Company
Michael Heizer Exhibition Promotion
  Advertising Michael Heizer's indoor works at Knoedler & Company, Object Sculptures, were an exhibition of huge sculptures of stone and concrete, inspired by hand-held artifacts from early human cultures.

Knoedler & Company: Group Exhibitions Promotions
Heizer made these sculptures from custom concrete aggregates in dulled shades of predominantly gray and green cast around rebar in specially constructed wooden molds.

For our Art in America ad, we employed a sketch Heizer made of the exhibition layout that was rich in notations and scribblings, over which we superimposed the gallery information in the classic Knoedler typeface—creating a unique fusion of the personal and the institutional.

Contemporary artist Michael Heizer, one of the pioneers of the "land art" or "earth art" movement, which used the earth as its medium, is a highly influential yet relatively unknown and very private artist.

Born to a family of geologists and archeologists who lead him into a fascination with mysterious sites marked by evidence of ancient technology such as the shifting of huge stones, Heizer's work is deeply reflective of these early explorations.

"If you want to see the Pieta, you go to Italy.
To see the Great Wall, you go to China.
My work isn't conceptual art, it's sculpture.
You just have to go see it."

—Michael Heizer