Knoedler & Company
Michael David Exhibition Promotion
  Advertising Michael David built a reputation for abstract, geometrically shaped paintings that were constructed of oil and wax on deep wooden supports such as these works for the Georgia series.

Knoedler & Company: Michael David Campaign
For more than a decade, David's overriding concern had been to infuse richly painted abstract compositions with multiple layers of meaning by embedding simple, suggestive shapes and symbols.

Around 1989 he started to look for a new icon or image that would have a sense of personal power and meaning and focused on the female nude.

David took photographs of nude females using a 20 x 24-inch Polaroid—the resultant images became The Jackie Paintings, which were featured in the 1995 exhibition The Poured Image at Knoedler.

For the 10-1/2 x 26" accordion fold announcement, we featured The Four Jackies and their lush, translucent wax-embedded images.

The Jackies were very successful and well received outside of New York—however, changing his style precipitated a fissure with Knoedler & Company, that eventually ended their relationship.

Knoedler & Company: Michael David 'The Jackies' Campaign
Tan Jackie, 1992-94
Oil and wax on wood, 84 x 44 inches