Knoedler & Company
Summer Group Exhibitions Promotions
  Advertising & Promotion Design Summer in New York City means many things for many galleries, but to Knoedler it meant a special time to try out new artists, new works, and new ideas.

Knoedler & Company: Group Exhibitions Promotions

Knoedler & Company: Group Artists Show
Knoedler & Company: Works on Paper by Gallery Artists

It was also a time for us to experiment graphically and expand the vocabulary of the Knoedler brand for their vibrant and varied Summer Exhibitions.

For Drawings by Four Gallery Sculptors in 1988 we employed an interplay of the four artists signatures as primary graphic elements:

Herbert Ferber
Nancy Graves
Michael Heizer
David Smith

This piece was the very first we designed and produced for Knoedler.

For the Gallery Artists Show we took the concept of the "wall" and exaggerated the stucco texture that could only be seen through a microscope, as a backdrop to the classic Knoedler text.

In 1991, we introduced Works on Paper by Gallery Artists superimposed over an extreme background of paper-fiber texture, which was not Lawrence Rubin's favorite design, but it did command attention.