Gamblin Artists' Colors
Artists' Survey
  Market Research Established by an artist in 1980, Gamblin Artists' Colors is one of the premier companies completely dedicated to making the finest quality oil painting materials and to sharing the unique insight of the founder Robert Gamblin about color mixing and painting with artists world-wide.

Gamblin Artists' Colors
Gamblin Artists' Colors
Gamblin Artists' Colors
Gamblin Artists' Colors

To celebrate 25 years of ground-breaking achievement, the Portland Oregon based company was seeking a new direction in its development of the brand as well as radical new ways of captivating the hearts and minds of the art community, and retained Design Latitudes to create the program.

Our initial objective for Gamblin was to clearly define the brand personality and its perception among its various markets by conducting an extensive program of market research that included

· online artist's survey
· existing market analysis
· potential market analysis
· company, factory & product
· communications audit
· competitive analysis
· geographic reach
· planning

From our perspective in working extensively in the art-world we were seeking creative opportunities to enhance the brand, so we asked ourselves the initial question:

"Some artists look at great art and become truly inspired...
while other artists look at great art and become deeply depressed."

We set out to find out what truly inspires great artists and how we can help Gamblin help artists further by polling over 2,000 artists nationally on their activities as a painter, as well as opinions about oil paint, and qualifying the results.